Bakhtar Flour Mill Company

Better Ingriedients, Good Health

ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) & ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS) Certified

About Us



Bakhtar Flour Mill Company was founded in the year 2002 with the aim to be one the modern flour mill in the country to produce quality wheat flour and wheat bran. This is a private investment and it was registered with the state in the year 2002. The production facility is located in Pul e Charkhi Industrial Park in the capital city of Kabul. Bakhtar Flour Mills is equipped with the modern milling technology from Turkey with the milling capacity of 250 Metric ton per day.

The company produces two types of wheat flour and bran and today has its share in the country’s domestic market of flour and bran thus eliminating a percentage of imported flour and bran.

Quality & Service

Bakhtar Flour Mill Company  strickly adhere to produce flour in total hygienic conditions which is health approved and our products are produced to the highest possible quality standards using the best wheat. We take great care in the selection of our suppliers and use only the reputable. Our skilled employees at the production/ quality departments ensure that the quality assurance program is implemented in the letter and spirit. We conduct inspections at the every phase of the process from purchasing of the raw material to the finished product committed to provide best products to our customers; we have consistently evolved in terms of quality and service.


Plot No. 720, 733 in Pul e Charkhi
Industrial Park, Kabul
+93 (0) 700 280 983